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How to add subsection within a section

In the following article, we'll go over all the details of subsections on online or web resume sections. But first things first:

What are Subsections?

When we say subsections, we are talking about the elements or pieces of content inside a section, meaning for instance each work experience inside the Work Experiences section would be a subsection. Subsections within a specific section have all the same content structure and format and you can add as many subsections as you might need. You can also sort subsections within their section based on your preferences and needs.

Although most available online resume sections are sections with subsections, there are two section types that don't: the section "Text" and "Contact Form", are sections without subsections, instead they have a predetermined number of elements.

Adding subsections to an existing section

In order to add subsections, go to the page to edit the section where you want to add the subsections. You can do that by clicking on "Manage existing sections" and then on the icon next to the desired section. Once inside the section editing page, follow these steps:

  1. Look for the the button , right below the existing sections, on the bottom left corner. The text on the button might change depending on the section type and purpose. For example for a "Work Experience" section, the button says: "Add an experience":

  2. Fill in the fields on the new subsection and click on "Save changes".
  3. The subsection will then hide, becoming one more subsection with only the preview information visible.

Sort subsections within a section

In order to sort subsections, first make sure all subsections are closed and non of them is being edited at the moment. Then simply click on any part of the subsection you want to re-sort and drag it to the new position. After dropping it, the new order will be automatically saved. It's as easy as it sounds.