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Create & edit your Resume

The set up process is easy and intuitive. You Sign up and complete the fields you want form the set up form. There are 4 default sections: Personal and contact information, education, work experience and languages. You can choose whether you want your data to be indexed by search engines or you just prefer to keep it only visible among the employers with whom you have shared the resume link.

Customize it

You can edit your resume whenever you want. You can add new sections for your skills, a cover or other experiencies and sort them at your convenience. You can choose your resume design among more than 20 cool responsive design templates.

& Share it

Once your resume is ready you can share the link or the QR code within your applications. The employers will be able to see your resume across any device, download it as a PDF or Word doc, and contact you.

But how does the online resume work?

It's pretty easy

You will get a URL that contains your online resume

You will always have your resume available with just one click.

Just include the URL on your applications.

Employers with whom you share it will be able to

Contact you from any device with just one click

Or download your resume as a PDF or Word doc

Just fill in your resume

Follow the steps as you fill in:

Your education

Your work experience

The languages you speak

Your contact information

Add new sections

To display your skills, accomplishments, a brief description about you, etc.

Sort them based on your preference.

And choose your design

Among more than 20 templates and growing

Because our team works daily to offer you cool new templates.

Boost your chances of getting an interview by making an online resume

Do you ever wonder what happens after you apply to a position? Why didn't you get an interview if you were perfect for that position?

If you have been in this situation we have the answer to your questions. Most of the time, when a good candidate gets rejected in the first stage of the recruiting process it is because their resume went unnoticed by the recruiter. If that's not the case, other candidates captured the attention of the recruiter before you did.

We have gone through it ourselves. Our friends weren’t getting interviews either. Yet, after building several creative resumes for them, we saw that all of a sudden they started getting interviews! This led us to to create, a platform to help you create both online and offline resumes. These resumes will capture recruiters’ attention to ensure that they actually read your resume.

With CV online:

You will obtain a unique and customizable link for every resume you create

Choose the design of your online resume and customize it with your own background images to make it completely unique

Create as many resumes as you need, both online and PDF/Word versions, and target their content to each application

Publish as many resumes as you need, with a different link for each application

Unpublish your resume at anytime with just one click.

Decide whether you want your resume to appear on the search results of Google, Bing, and Yahoo

Employers will be able to contact you in just one click from their computer, tablet, or mobile device.

You decide when and to whom you share your resume. You will be able to share your resume link or QR code on LinkedIn, the paper version of your resume, business cards, your linkedin profile, etc.

If you wish, you can protect your online resume with a password, and include the password in the PDF version of your resume or in an email

Decide if you want your potential employers to be able to download a version of your resume in PDF or Word.

Choose from 20 different types of resume designs and sort your sections.   Made with ♥ from Chicago, Barcelona, Pamplona and Santiago de Chile