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Is it possible to change the language of a resume?

A resume's language can't be changed once it's been created, however there is an option to end up with a copy of your PDF resume on a new language: duplicating the PDF resume.

  1. Create a new resume taking the content from the old resume following these instructions.
  2. Within the first step of the creation process of this new resume, pick the language that you need, bare in mind meaning that the content of the original resume won't be automatically translated, only the static labels will, along with the mock up content on the new sections that you will add.

In the event of the PDF resume will actually only change the section's mock up text, this is the section's headline and subsections mock up content. Both elements are editable making the language in which your PDF resume is set less relevant.

In the event of the online resume however, the language determines the language of non-editable elements that will appear on your online resume, making it relevant the language in which the version fo the resume is set up with.