Ace Slides resume design

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The trendy design of the 'Ace Slides' online resume template has captivated many. Through the index at the bottom of the page, the employers can move through the different slides of the canidate's cv. Each section has its own slide. So you've got a slide showing your work experience, another with your education, another for the languages you speak... And as many slides as you need (that template allows 10 slides at maximum) since you can create new sections in order to show your skills, aditional experiences... The slides are gonna be displayed in the same order the candidate has used in the resume dashboard. You can use the new sections to write an introduction or a covering letter and place it as the first slide, or even make a new section to post a relevant video or your aportfolio...

Within the first Slide the employers can contact the candidate just by pressing the phone nuber or the email. As usual is here where if the candidate has this option enabled, the employers will be able to download your resume in PDF or Microsoft Word formats.

We have this template available for you thank's to the hard job of Codyhouse, an HTML, CSS and Javascript open source library, created for coding lovers with an excellent talent for design.

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